Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Noah's board winners!

Congrats to Mrs. Sherry David! So far she has won the first quarter! Geaux Mrs. Sherry!

Congrats to Mr. John Comeaux! Yay! You won the second quarter!

Congrats to Mr. Barry Bizette! You won the entire second half! I see a shopping spree in your future!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought and sold squares. Noah's board was filled up within days. The board raised $500 + $125 + $125 for his suit therapy. Mr. John Comeaux donated his winnings to Noah's Therasuit therapy fund in addition to donating privately to Noah! Mrs. Sherry has also donated her winnings to Noah. How awesome is she? ;) Also, her son Chad, Brad's best friend sold three of the winning quarters! Thank you so much Chad. You are a wonderful friend to us. :)

I also want to thank the Laborde family for donating to Noah's suit therapy. May God Bless you all, LeeLee. Mr. Coonie, Taylor, Tiffany & family. You guys have had a nightmare of a year and are in our thoughts and prayers. We send our love to you all.

Marty, Scotty & Debbie- Thank you so much for your donation. We love you three so much. We are praying you get well soon, Scotty!

As the days go by, I plan on posting more info about Noah's therapy so you can all follow along. He will attend the sessions in June, but as I learn more about it, I want to share it with you guys, too. Also, we are going for a Baclofen pump evaluation in March and please pray Noah is big enough to have to pump implanted. Baclofen is a medicine that decreases spasticity (tightness.) It pumps the medicine directly into the spinal column. It would be doubly awesome if the neurologist OK's him for this surgery. He has to have a space big enough between the top of his pelvis and his bottom ribs to be able to accomodate the pump, so send him some growing vibes. He is so tiny, though, lol. He is just barely taller than his 5 year old brother.

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