Wednesday, December 24, 2008


After that phone call from Scott Innes, there are a number of people I want to thank publicly...
First- Scott Innes of WYNK 101.5 FM in Baton Rouge, LA. Scott is such a blessing to the people of South Louisiana. I really can not thank him enough for airing Noah's wish on the radio.

Gary Millet, Sr. of Rollin' Homes in Prarieville, LA. Thank you. I feel like there aren't enough Thank you's to express my gratitude to you.

My Aunt Gail, Noah's Godmother- When Brad and I chose you as Noah's Godmother, we knew how much love you had in your heart. We only wanted the best for him, so we chose the best. Thank you Aunt Gail for being the wonderful person you are to Noah and to us. We love you and Uncle Pop so much.

My mom & dad. What would I do without you? You two have ALWAYS been there with us through thick and thin with nothing but UNCONDITIONAL love and support through these years. Who will I be able to lean on when you are gone?

My Mawmaw Lucille. Thank you, I love you.

Mrs. Roberta Averill & her dad, Mr. Bob McBride. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you, Mrs. Roberta. You are such a good friend.

Brad's coworkers- My gosh. You guys can move mountains. LITERALLY. How do I let you all know how darn grateful I am to have people like you all in our life?

Mrs. Cheryl and your brother- I plan on following your lead from now on. Every Christmas I will donate to either a family or a charity instead of exchanging gifts with Brad and ask that my family members to donate to others instead of buying gifts.

Peggy & Donnie Leonard- Thank you so much. We love you!

Brandy St. Romain Miller- A friend of mine for many years. Even though we don't see each other very much anymore, you are often in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you and I love you!

I have also wanted to say thank you to everyone that has sent prayers and positive thoughts our way. They really mean so much to us. Cherie Beard & Amber, it was wonderful to hear from you guys. Hearing from old friends is a gift in itself. (((HUGS)))

Nina, Lester & Mr. Allen- Thank you for your part in helping realize Noah's dream.

To be continued...

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