Sunday, March 1, 2009

What does it mean to be a true friend?

What does it mean to be a true friend? It means going door to door, business to business, church to church asking for donations for donations to help your friend of 4 years have a wish come true.

I have never in 32 years met a better friend than Rickey Paul, Jr. This child is beautiful on the inside and the outside. He is the most unselfish, loving human being that I have ever met. We could ALL learn from him. I aspire to be like him. I wish I had a huge heart like Rickey. He raised $1070.00 for his friend, Noah, so his wish to walk could be realized.

Little Rickey, we love you so much. Noah is the most blessed little boy in the world to have a friend like you. Through all of these years, you have always, cared and stood proudly by Noah's side.

To Erica and Rickey, Sr., I truly believe that our children are our truest reflection. I wish I were more eloquent so I could express all of the love and respect I have for you and your family. We are so blessed to have friends like you all.

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